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About Nanjing University of Science and Technology

Nanjing University of Science and Technology (NUST) is one of the national key universities under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The university has more than sixty years' experience in providing inspiring and broadened-horizon education. It has become a multi-disciplinary university comprising academic fields including: science, engineering, liberal arts, economics, business, management, law and education. In addition, NUST encompasses a wide array of centers, institutes, programs, and administrative support offices.   

Led by a distinguished faculty, NUST carries on its education and research on both undergraduate and post graduate levels in the graduate and professional schools: School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Chemical Engineering, School of Electric Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology, School of Computer Science and Technology, School of Automation, School of Power Engineering, School of Economics and Management, School of Science, School of Humanities and Social Science, School of Material Science and Engineering, School of Environmental and Biological Engineering, School of Foreign Studies, School of Design Art&Media, School of Intellectual Property, School of Maxism Studies. It also has the school of international joint education and the school of adult education. Currently, more than 30,000 students study at NUST. 

NUST has energetically conducted exchange and cooperation of education and research at home and abroad, having established sound cooperative relationships with nearly 100 universities and research institutes in dozens of countries.

The campus situates on the south of Zijin Mountain, with the great historic heritage—Ming Dynasty city wall, on the west. Scenic areas including woods, lakes, and rivers scatter around the campus. The campus itself is a combination of historic and modern architectures. 

It has a complete logistics service system, 59 labs, a variety of teaching and research apparatus valued at around 780 million Yuan, a library with 2.2 million books, 2 stadiums, and a gymnasium. 

In history, the piece of land where NUST campus locates had quite a lot about military traces. As early as in 1398 A.D. when under the reign of the Ming Dynasty, and Nanjing the capital of the country, the area of NUST campus had a garrison force deployed defending the royal mausoleum. 

In the 1850s, the Qing Dynasty established “Jiangnan Daying” (Southern Yangtze River Camp) in this area as the front line to assault “the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom” –-a well-known nation-wide rebellion. From 1929 to 1945 when under the reign of Kuomintang, this area had been the very important camp of different elite troops. 

After the establishment of People’s Republic of China, the campus area was still closely bound with military and troops, and until today, it is the outstanding intelligent tank for national defense science and technology. What is interesting is the history of this piece of land coincides with the fact that the origin of NUST was a military engineering college. 

Walk on the stone-paved pathways which zigzag in the woody garden and along the lake. Sit-in on a seminar which happens in the comfortable conference center, enjoy mind clashes. Or simply take in the sights and sounds of the vibrant campus. Whether you are pursuing your study at NUST or just visiting here to find out if it is the right place four your education, all people will be pleasant to enjoy the beautiful scenic campus.


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